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Green Tiger Interiors

Frazada Cushion Cover

$62.30 NZD $89.00 NZD

These vintage Peruvian frazada cushions are lively and full of character; making gorgeous and robust cushions for your bed, a chair or your favourite couch. Inner not included.


  • 100% wool
  • 100% natural dyes
  • made in Peru
  • 43cm x 43cm
  • solid deep red back with zip closure
  • heavy weight textile
  • 30+ years old  


Please note - our vintage frazada cushions are very robust and will last a lifetime, however they are made from vintage frazadas so please expect visible signs of use and marks.  The colours, designs and aging are what make vintage frazadas so magnificent. 

Why vintage frazadas are so important?  With the mass production of textiles designed to replicate cultural pieces and the emergence of synthetic fibres, traditional 100% wool frazadas are becoming scarce. The weavers are under pressure to produce products at lower costs. We believe this traditional art should be coveted and supported not squeezed out of the market. Purchasing vintage Bolivian frazadas from a fair trade cooperative that ensures the sellers (often the weaver or immediate family members) are paid a fair price is how we can support and encourage these traditional textile makers.