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Green Tiger Interiors is a New Zealand owned and operated business. Its owner Amber Miller is passionate about colour, texture, great design and exceptional craftsmanship. Here at Green Tiger Interiors our mission is to find unique items that not only inspire and look great, but that will make you and your home smile. 

We aim to bring you genuine hand crafted arts from around the world. Products that are not made by machines, mass-produced and cut to precision. Each purchase you make helps increase the livelihoods of artisans around the world and their communities and preserve traditional age-old art forms.

With the mass production of textiles designed to replicate cultural pieces and the emergence of synthetic fibres, these traditional art forms are becoming scarce. The artisans are under pressure to produce products at lower costs. We believe any traditional art should be coveted and supported not squeezed out of the market. Purchasing items from a fair trade cooperative that ensures the sellers (often the artisan themselves or immediate family members) are paid a fair price is how we can support and encourage these traditional makers. 

At Green Tiger Interiors we live to be inspired and to inspire, and hope that you feel the passion and love that has gone into our collection.


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