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Green Tiger Interiors

Rwanda Basket Set 2

$730.00 NZD

Set of 7 Baskets 

These beautiful, traditional, and intricately woven Rwanda baskets are all individually hand woven by a group of women who are part of a weaving cooperative in Rwanda. The baskets are created from dyed natural sisal fibres which are woven over a core of forest grasses.

The baskets are incredibly easy to hang, you can either string a piece of cotton through the weave at the back of the basket, or you can simply knock a thin nail through the centre into a gap in the weave directly into your wall. Neither method will damage your basket.  The Rwanda baskets have a fabric loop on the back of the basket for hanging. 

Baskets carry a special symbolism in Rwanda: friends give them to one another to celebrate milestones (weddings, births, etc.), and they are proudly displayed as a reflection of abundance in friendships, family and life. 

Basket Diameters: 20cm, 21cm, 21cm, 28cm, 30cm, 31cm, 40cm, 40cm

  • Ilala palm, sisal and grasses
  • Natural bark dyes
  • Rwanda
  • Unique-one of a kind
  • Fairtrade