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Green Tiger Interiors

Azilal Rug-Runner

$940.00 NZD

Give your place the warm & cozy look with an Azilal rug. These one of a kind rugs crafted in a region located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas Mountains are made from virgin raw wool and dyed wool.

Each Azilal rug contains a tale of its weaver, in a kind of pictorial and creative design. Depending on how many women work on the same rug, it can take as long as one month to finish one single piece. 

  • Handmade in Morocco
  • 280cm x 100cm
  • Wool
  • Due to its handmade nauture, the shape is always imperfect, it can be slightly larger on one side. This is how you recognise an authentic Azilal rug
  • Each rug is a one of a kind creation and therefore an entirely unique addition to any home.
For more information about caring for these rugs refer to the Moroccan Rug Care Instructions.